Interface OptiSway® <-> Crane PLC:

Via DP/DP coupler, the crane PLC sends run commands, setpoints, target coordinates and limit switch signals to OptiSway®.

OptiSway® sends actual values, feedback signals, fault messages etc. to the crane PLC.

Interface OptiSway® <-> Peripherics:

OptiSway® reads its actual values over the system's own PROFIBUS.

The position of trolley and crane be measured either over PROFIBUS compatible absolute measuring system or over the ET200S with incremental encoders.

The drives receive their speed setpoints from OptiSway® usually via analogue interface.

For Siemens Sinamics frequency converters, the connection can also be implemented via ProfiNET coupling, for Masterdrive systems - via PROFIBUS.


Videos of OptiSway®


Watch sample videos of crane controls with and without OptiSway®.
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