In order to guarantee a safe crane operation, the OptiSway® system is equipped with software limit switches, reliably preventing the crane from approaching buffer stops and entering restricted areas.

Additionally, OptiSway® provides extensive surveillance functions. The system monitors, for instance, whether:


  • the communication with all OptiSway® Profibus slaves works
  • the processor of the crane PLC works
  • the OptiSway® processor works. This is monitored by a PLC program module within the crane PLC, which is included in the delivery
  • the drives follow the set speed, given by OptiSway®
  • the analogue setpoint outputs of OptiSway® transmit the correct value, i.e. the analogue outputs are monitored for possible hardware failures
  • the OptiSway® internal position detection matches the values, detected by the crane PLC. Through this redundancy, too fast approach of end limits as well as wrong positioning in automatic mode are reliably avoided.
  • the pendulum movement has not reached extreme values. This might happen in case of an extraordinary event, e.g. collision of the load with an obstacle or emergency stop at full speed.
  • the pendulum angle measuring system (as far as installed) does not deliver any data, e.g. in the case of contamination of the optics. Temporary failures do not affect proper operation. In this case, the pendulum angle measurement values are replaced by mathematical model calculation. Same applies to system variants without pendulum angle sensor.
  • the target point received from the crane PLC in automatic mode lies within the permitted operating range of the crane



Videos of OptiSway®


Watch sample videos of crane controls with and without OptiSway®.
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