The Sway Control System OptiSway® is developed and distributed by CATS GmbH & Co. KG.

OptiSway® provides functions, which go far beyond simple sway damping:

  • Perfect control of the load oscillation in all driving situations
  • Simultaneous motion of hoisting, long and cross travel and slewing gear rotation without any restriction
  • Highest precision at maximum driving dynamics due to short internal cycle time (20 ms)
  • Virtually complete elimination of sway at stop
  • Accuracy of load-positioning within millimeter range
  • Very simple manual crane operation with basic function "sway-controlled manual mode"
  • Even simpler in "Permissive Operation", i.e. in automatic mode with deadman button
  • Unmanned fully automatic operation can be implemented with low expense
  • Automatic circumnavigation of restricted areas
  • Protection of restricted areas in manual operation mode
  • Easy implementation of Security category 3 acc. DIN EN 954-1 and/or EN ISO 13849 without additional hardware
  • Standardized interface to the crane PLC
  • High flexibility concerning the interfaces to drives and sensors
  • Selection of sensors according to the application-specific requirements


Videos of OptiSway®


Watch sample videos of crane controls with and without OptiSway®.
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