Basic components

The core - or better the "brain" - of the sway control system OptiSway® is a Siemens "Microbox" industrial PC.

Thanks to its high computing power, it facilitates short cycle times and therewith highest precision and dynamics of drive operation even for highly complex control tasks.

Another component present in all OptiSway® installations is the Siemens DP/DP coupler, functioning as interface to the crane PLC. In case of Profinet systems, the Siemens PN/PN coupler is used instead.

An own power supply is also part of the system's basic equipment.

Basic components


As standard, OptiSway® is equipped with its own sensorics, connected via dedicated PROFIBUS network.

The sensor system is designed according to the application-specific requirements. CATS will gladly advises you on the best choice.
Advantages of a sensor system directly connected with OptiSway®:

  • Avoidance of dead times in the control circuits, caused by PLC cycle times and bus runtimes =>significantly higher control quality
  • Redundancy to the sensorics of the crane PLC =>Maximum safety
    (up to control category 3 / Performance Level d acc. to DIN EN 954-1 and EN ISO 13849)

The same applies to the pre-setting of the drive speed setvalues. In the following example these values are sent by an ET200S via OptiSway® Profibus as analogue signals to the FCs of trolley and crane drive.


Videos of OptiSway®


Watch sample videos of crane controls with and without OptiSway®.
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