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This fully automatic straightening roller manipulator, ordered byTangshan Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd. is designed as a double-girder overhead crane with permanently reeved special cross beam and serves to simultaneously change the 9 rollers of a straightening machine, supplied by companyKoch H & K, in fully automatic operation. To execute this task, an extremely high positioning accuracy of + /-1mm in horizontal and vertical direction is required.

We took up this challenge and developed a special solution to meet all customer requirements for his full satisfaction.

The demands on the positioning accuracy could only be fulfilled with the help of a special solution, developed byCATS Crane Automation Technology Systems. Unlike conventional solutions, which would use laser measurement to detect the position of the crane, the system determines the position of the load handling device within in the working space.

This has the advantage that factors such as deflection of crane bridge and crane track under load have no influence on the positioning accuracy.

An integrated sway control serves to further increase the positioning accuracy and to bypass obstacles safely. This solution works better and shows much less wear than concepts with rigid load management or load handling attachments with rope bracing.



Tanshan Panorama

Prior to shipment of the system to Tangshan, an intensive factory commissioning including overload test was performed in Oelsnitz. Thus, largely all automatic functions could be thoroughly tested during the commissioning work at our factory. This shortens the startup time on site and allows the end user to put the straightening machine to operation within a short period and to the scheduled date.

The advantages for the customer: the possibility of a short-term fully automatic rolling tool change minimizes the setup time of the straightening machine, provides greater manufacturing flexibility and allows the company to respond to customer orders just in time.

Chinese manufacturers could not cope with these strict requirements, and the customer did not regret that he relied on robust and innovative crane technology - Made in Germany.


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