The long-term good business relation between AUDI AG and our partner BANG Kransysteme is continued in the new press shop of AUDI's Györ plant, Hungary.

Scope of delivery:

Double-girder overhead crane 63/25t x 31m
Designed as winch type crane with failsafe Siemens SPS- S7-315F – integrated into the global concept with performance level d according to DIN EN 13849-1

Double-girder overhead crane 66t x 31m
Tool transportation crane with permanently reeved lifting beam, grip tongue, slewing gear, semi-automatic storage management and OptiSway® sway control system by CATS

VW Emden bSpecial winches perform the task of transporting heavy 65t dies to the reception table of the high capacity suction press - securely and exacly. In co-operation with the customer, a global concept was developed, which facilitates a faster, secure (security category 3; PL d according to EN ISO 13849-1) and more efficient transport of the press dies.

By means of the high-tech storage management system, the CATS sway control system and the crane PLC, the integrated system determines the minimum lifting height, required to safely reach the target point.

Safe and fast die change cycles represent just a small component of AUDI's global concept of "Vorsprung durch Technik" (advantage through technology).

CATS is proud to contribute to this project.



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